Happy Birthday, Kirsten!


Today I turn thirty-one. I feel old, but there are times when I forget I’m not in my twenties anymore. No longer am I able to stay up past midnight without feeling the effects in the morning…which vaguely resembles being slammed into repeatedly by a Mack Truck. I can no longer drink to get drunk (see the effects of staying up too late for the reasons why.) I have two young kids who grow faster than weeds, and while I love them dearly, they remind me daily that I’m not getting any younger.

So in honor of this day, which amazingly feels like every other day of the year, I wanted to share five random facts about myself. Ready…here you go:

  1. I fell in love with my husband at first sight. Everyone thought I was insane, but ten years later we’re still going strong. He had wranglers and a pickup truck…how could I say no. *wink*
  2. Not only do I write and read, but I’m also an amateur photographer and crafter. My children have inherited the “crafty” gene it seems. My son can make amazing sculptures out of Popsicle sticks and hot glue. My daughter, well, she has the most awesome marker tattoos ever.
  3. I use a lot of terms that make people go “what?” My family is predominantly Pennsylvania Deutsch (Pennsylvania German…think Amish/Mennonite, but not.) There are several terms my grandparents and parents used with me growing up that confound most everyone I meet. Terms like “rutsch” referring to not being able to sit still, squirming. “Stop your rutsching around!” Or “No schleck before dinner.” Schleck is the word used for junk food or sugared snacks. My favorite is when I call my daughter a Schnickelfritz…which means “troublemaker”. Brutzing and Gretzing are also frequently used in my house. They simply mean “whining or complaining”. Those are my favorites, but trust me, there are many others. Oh the things you learn from me.
  4. I have NO tattoos. Neither does my husband. I personally don’t find them attractive. Not bashing them at all; it’s just not my style. My brother on the other hand…well, he’s addicted to ink.
  5. I want to write a murder mystery. No romance at the center of the story…just a pure murder mystery with a lot of intrigue and suspense. My favorite board game is Clue (Cluedo for those of you in the UK). I’m damn good at that game. I love who-done-it TV shows, my favorite being the Ellery Queen Mysteries from the 1970s. I’ve read more Nancy Drew Mysteries than I can count. So yeah…it’s on my to-do list.

So…there are some useless tidbits about me. Now you can tease me incessantly. I know you will. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend a little time with Tom before my husband and children take me out for my birthday dinner. Ciao, darlings.


Whatever you think is best, Thomas. I’ll be packed and ready in ten minutes.

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