Recommended Romances

I understand that not everyone likes the same books that I do.  This is an ever-growing list of books I enjoyed.  Pick one or two up.  You never know, but you may find yourself transported to a romantic wonderland.

Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

This is a fantastic time travel romance that ignites the pages with the sparks between the heroine and her Highland laird, Drustan MacKeltar.  The story is intricate and keeps you wanting more.  It was the first book I read by Karen Moning and has become one of my all-time favorites.  A must-read for paranormal fanatics.

Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros

All of Teresa Medeiros’ books have their own unique personalities like children do.  I find myself drawn to this one specifically, although I’m not sure why.  The love story between a blinded naval hero Gabriel Fairchild and sassy nurse Samantha Wickersham is heartwarming and thought-provoking.  Her stories are always easy to read and enjoy!

Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen

All of Tara Janzen’s Steele Street boys have a special place in my heart, but none more so than bad boy Christian Hawkins.  In this book, Christian and the girl that got away, Kat Dekker, embark on the most sexually charged, adrenaline-pumping ride I have ever read.  Their story is engaging and I found myself completely lost in their story.  A Contemporary classic that will leave you wanting more.

If You Desire by Kresley Cole

The second book in a trilogy by Kresley Cole, If You Desire, was my favorite of the three.  Hugh and Jane’s story is bittersweet.  As the character’s history together unfurls, it made their journey throughout the book a roller coaster of emotions for me.  I savored this book and want to share it with everyone who enjoys a good Highlander novel.

Something Wicked by Jo Beverley

Jo Beverley absolutely weaves a wickedly sinful story around Lady Elfled and the man she is forbidden to love, the Earl of Walgrave.  This story is everything a fantasy of hidden identities is supposed to be, witty, exotic, and dangerous.  I’m a huge fan of many of Beverly’s books, especially the Malloren series which is set in Georgian England, but this book holds a special place in my heart.

Danger’s Kiss by Sarah McKerrigan

This was one of the first romance novels I read.  I fell in love with the hero, Nicholas Grimshaw, as he tries to rehabilitate a common thief, Desiree.  His tough 13th-century lawman persona is incredibly intimidating as are his methods.  But it was his attraction to the heroine lights up the pages with constant fireworks between the two.  A teasing pleasure for sure!

Wicked Nights by Nina Bangs

The very first romance novel I ever read was Original Sin by Nina Bangs.  This novel has a very different story but Bangs’ voice is still fun and sensual.  Vampire fans will either love or hate this book.  I’m including myself in the former.  This is the first book of four that take place in the Castle of Dark Dreams (a place that I would love to visit, just once).  The three brothers are a vampire, a demon of desire, and an immortal warrior just what every paranormal novel should have.

In Deep Voodoo by Stephanie Bond

This contemporary romance has mystery, suspense, romance, oh and of course, murder.  Bond creates truly interesting characters in this romantic who-done-it.  She also has several other books I enjoyed:  Whole Lotta Trouble, Party Crashers, and Kill the Competition.  All of them will keep you up at night reading to discover who is to blame and what will become of the heroine’s sanity.

Highland Knight by Cindy Miles

This is a fun fantastical contemporary that will make you laugh and fall in love.  The interaction between ghostly Laird Ethan Munro and novelist Amelia makes for an interesting relationship.  I enjoyed the banter between the two, and Munro’s warriors are a riot.  Don’t take this story too seriously, just sit back and enjoy it. 

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