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Hello, my darling readers,

Welcome to my romance nook. It’s lovely to have you here. Pull up a chair, pour some tea, and make yourself at home.

Tell you a little about myself? Well, I write the stories I’m dying to read. I love mystery and intrigue, handsome heroes, sassy heroines, and a chance to break the rules. Sexual tension and first kiss scenes drive my stories, and they’re just so much fun to write. There’s no way I can pen stories set in just one era, so don’t be surprised if you see me jumping from medieval Scotland to prohibition on the Mississippi River to late Victorian London to contemporary Brooklyn. I follow wherever the muse leads, which is always changing on a whim.

My stories will always have a bit of heat to balance out the sweet, but there’s never a steamy love scene without purpose. If they make you uncomfortable, feel free to skim over those parts. The story is worth it; I promise.

I’m a sucker for a good trope. As you read, you’ll see some of my favorites appear again and again. Enemies to Lovers, Grump and Sunshine, Mistaken/Hidden Identity, Mutual Pining…to name a few. I’m hoping to expand these as I dive into some new projects in the coming years. 

If you’ve only got a few spare moments, allow me to direct you to the short stories I previously published at Romantic Shorts. Click HERE. They’re quick reads, but a steamy getaway is better than none. “A Cowboy Sunrise” and “Christmas Tease and Kylo Ben” are also short stories I have self-published. If you’d like more short stories, sign up for my monthly newsletter where I offer six free short stories for subscribers only!

Now, if you have a bit more time, check out my Thieves of Winter Series set in the Late Victorian Era. Each of those five books is a novella, and the first in the series, Jewel of Winter, is free. The stories interconnect too, even though the hero and heroine are different in each book. Or if you’d rather something contemporary, I have two holiday novellas you might enjoy, Mistletoe and Mistakes and The Flight Before Christmas.

If you’re looking for something longer, you have several choices. Medieval (An Irresistible Shadow and A Shadow’s Kiss), Steampunk (Decieving the Earl), Prohibition (Mississippi Moonshine), Late Victorian (Seduction on the Alpine Express and Temptation on the Alpine Express), Contemporary (A Lockdown Love Affair, A Holiday Love Affair, and Confessions of a Fangirl), and Time Travel to 1985 (When I Found You). Do any of these catch your fancy? If so, check out the list of my books with the descriptions are HERE for more information about a particular book.

Now that you’re comfortably settled, read through some blog posts, check those out HERE. Leave a comment or a like if you feel so inclined. I love hearing from readers as well, so please, contact me if you have questions or just want to connect. ❤

Thanks for stopping by.


Kirsten S. Blacketer

The KSB Guarantee: A Steamy Getaway and Always an HEA!

Kirsten S. Blacketer is a multi-published indie author of both historical and contemporary romance. When she’s not writing, she homeschools her two children and enjoys time with her family. In those moments of freedom, she devours romance novels while sipping a glass of wine. Age has only shown her that writing villains can be just as fun as heroes. Her next life goals are to write a New York Times Bestseller and one day have Adam Driver play a starring role in a film version of one of her books. A girl can dream, right?