Contemporary Romance


(Available in E-book and Print.)

A Lockdown Love Affair

Ben Statler: I’m pissed. Thanks to the global pandemic and subsequent city-wide lockdown, my career, my whole life, is now on hold. As if to add insult to injury, there’s a tantalizing stranger on the next rooftop over and I can’t stop thinking about her.

Penelope Weiss: In the midst of sorting my grandparent’s estate, I’m shocked to find the city in lockdown. Convinced a little sunshine and TLC can fix almost everything, I embrace my time in isolation and tend to my rooftop garden. I never expected the grump next door to rain on my solitude and leave me soaking wet.

Social distancing sucks. But as the days stretch on, a startling realization unfolds. Some people are worth the risk.


(Available in E-book and Print.)

A Holiday Love Affair

Lucy Mackewitz: I hate holidays, but I hate Evan Waldorf even more. The chemistry between us is undeniable, but I don’t do relationships. Never have and never will.

When I’m offered a week-long holiday, I jump at the opportunity. Unfortunately, my destination isn’t the white sand beaches of the Florida coast. It’s a lakeside cabin in Shipshewana, Indiana, and it belongs to Evan.

Evan Waldorf:  I may have a multi-million-dollar business and a trendy Brooklyn Heights apartment, but I’m still a country boy at heart. I want Lucy even though she’s made it clear she’s not interested. So, at the first opportunity, I take a chance.

Only a country boy can drive a city girl this crazy and still make her fall in love.


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Mistletoe and Mistakes

Vivian Halloway: I love Christmas in our quaint little Pennsylvanian town.
When Andrew shows up in my coffee shop, my holiday cheer goes right out the window. I hate him, but not because he dislikes Christmas or abandoned our small town twenty years ago to find success in New York City. No. I hate him because before he vanished, I made the cardinal sins of mistakes. I fell in love with my best friend’s older brother. How dare he just waltz back into my life and expect a warm welcome home.

Andrew Cooper: I’ve been a horrible grandson. For twenty years, I avoided returning to my hometown. After the year from hell, I accept my grandmother’s invitation to spend Christmas with her. Or so I thought. Instead, I find myself ordering coffee from Vivian, my sister’s best friend and the one woman I’ve never been able to forget. But why does she hate me so much?

There’s a winter storm brewing, and I won’t make the same mistake twice.


Confessions of a Fangirl (Book 1 of Her Confessions)

Life is good. I have a plush job, supportive friends, and a close-knit family. When the new hottie at the office asks me out on a date, I think I just won the jackpot.

Until movie night with the girls leads me down a dark rabbit hole. Who is he? An innocent Google search about a handsome actor has my imagination spinning. Now I’m drowning, and I don’t want salvation. I want him.

But I already have the perfect man. This obsession might just ruin my life.

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Confessions of a Gamer Girl (Book 2 of Her Confessions)

Life is fanfrickentastic. I’m an independent woman working for a multi-million-dollar company where I’m treated as a valuable member of the team and not an errand girl. I don’t want nor need a man’s approval. My abilities speak for themselves.

Outside of work, gaming is my life, my escape, and I’m damn good at it. But girls aren’t supposed to be gamers. Bullshit.

For years I strived to be taken seriously, and I’m not about to let some freelance computer whiz steal my thunder. Even if he is my best friend’s roommate and hot enough to send my motherboard into meltdown. When I’m forced to team up with him on a project, our competitive natures and simmering chemistry only complicate matters. Is this game over?

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Confessions of a Glamour Girl (Book 3 of Her Confessions)

After years of being Daddy’s little girl, I have finally cut the cord. I have a stable career and supportive friends. Life couldn’t be sweeter. All that’s left for me to pursue is my dream of being a couture designer.

I just have to keep my wandering mind from being distracted by the cunning silver fox who just so happens to be my boss. With his old Hollywood good looks and unwavering confidence, he is the perfect man…until I meet the cowboy in an online chat group. 

My penchant for older men has me in quite a bind, but my dream of being an independent woman makes this so much more difficult. Love shouldn’t be this complicated.

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The Flight Before Christmas

(A Christmas Novella)

It’s not that I hate Christmas, but I hate it. Since my divorce and Grandma’s death ten years ago, I haven’t returned to Alton, Illinois. I don’t need a man and I don’t need my family romping around in my personal life. I’m perfectly content with my thriving international IT security business and my cozy apartment overlooking the bay in New York. But when Grandpa guilt trips me into coming back the night before Christmas, I make a last-minute decision and change my flight.

All thoughts of my impending family fiasco disappear when I see my sexy flight attendant. He looks like he should be wearing a military uniform not serving drinks in first class. I know it’s been a while, but how desperate am I to consider propositioning a stranger for a one night stand?

Not that it matters because all his etiquette goes out the window when we face off. I’ve never seen a man look like he wants to ravage me as much as he wants to berate me. Maybe this is a bad idea. So much could go wrong on this flight before Christmas.


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A Cowboy Sunrise

Katie never expected her impromptu vacation at her best friend’s dude ranch to have such glorious scenery…or tight wrangler-clad cowboys.

Frustrated over losing her job, Katie accepts her best friend’s invitation to spend a few weeks at their dude ranch in Wyoming. She never expected the stampede of desire when she caught a glimpse of her first authentic cowboy. Her mind immediately wondered what the handsome cowboy hid beneath his dusty wranglers. Katie never expected to find a man, let alone one whose kisses turned her limbs into jello. She must choose: return to her life in the city alone or remain with the cowboy of her dreams.


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The Statlers turn up the heat this Christmas Eve!

Ben and Penelope (A Lockdown Love Affair) host their first Christmas Eve party as husband and wife. Even though Ben loves Christmas, he would much rather enjoy some alone time with his wife and her desserts than throw a party with his closest friends. Penelope uses this information against him and teases her husband relentlessly.

There are surprises galore waiting for the couple, and the night is far from over when the last guest goes home.

***Author Note: This is a sexy short story featuring Ben and Penelope and all the other characters from A Lockdown Love Affair, A Holiday Love Affair, and Mistletoe and Mistakes. It’s guaranteed steamy!***

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