Craving 1985 Series


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When I Found You

Katherine Cohen

This year sucks. I lost my job, my boyfriend, and now my mom. The worst year of my life is about to end, and I don’t hold much hope for the future. Dad would know what to do. I escape to the one place where I feel connected to him, the top of the Empire State Building. Instead, I find a star-spattered void and a gaping hole in my chest. But the universe isn’t finished with me yet.

When I wake up in 1985, I must be dreaming or dead. The most pressing issue stands at six foot two and looks like he stepped out of my fantasies. Unfortunately, he’s my father’s boss.

Arthur Maxwell

Assault and kidnapping was not how I envisioned starting the new year. I came into work to get some papers and ended up accidentally knocking a stranger unconscious. Who the hell is this woman and why is she snooping around my office in the first place? Too bad she doesn’t remember anything besides her first name.

Between her strange comments, odd requests, and unsettling questions, something doesn’t add up. She’s not telling me the whole truth. But, as time wears on, I realize it’s useless to deny the attraction simmering between us, even if she insists we were never meant to be.


Can’t Fight This Feeling

Marcy Maxwell

I’ve worked damned hard to get where I am. After a failed marriage to an abusive asshole, I’m in no hurry to dive into another relationship. My business is booming, and I’m rubbing shoulders with the cream of New York! 

But when one of my clients gets rough, I have no one to back me up. So I run to the one man who will bandage me up without judgment. My brother’s best friend. He knows too much, has seen me at my worst, and is completely off-limits. 

Dr. Rob Thompson

I’ve been in love with my best friend’s sister from the first moment I met her. But she hates my guts. After her divorce, I watched her hit rock bottom. Her pride and persistence made her ten times hotter, and a million times more stubborn. There’s no convincing her of anything, let alone my sincerity. Until she finds herself in hot water.

I would do anything for her, even if it means ruining my career.

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Releases March 28th.

She Gives Love a Bad Name

Welcome to 1985…

Quinn Murphy

I can’t believe I got caught! After ten years, you’d think I would have honed my skills as a thief. Unfortunately, I got sloppy and picked the wrong house. Instead of calling the cops, they call in a favor…with a brooding, cranky homicide detective. He offers me a choice, one I can’t refuse if I want to keep my freedom.

Detective Grant Richards

I’m too old for this shit. I should’ve told Rob to get lost when he called me about the kid he caught red-handed breaking in. I let her go, under one condition. Become my informant. I might as well sign her death certificate myself.

When she stumbles back into my life terrified and bloody, I can’t turn her away. Especially if she’s a murder witness. Now we’re stuck together, and she’s driving me insane. I may kill her before the murderer does because what I really want is off-limits.

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Releases on June 27th.

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Welcome to 1985…

Claude Richards

I’m a pretty relaxed guy until someone crosses the line. When she walks in, wearing a Gucci gown covered in blood, my instincts kick in. I’ll protect her even though she’s nothing but trouble. A debutante slumming in the roughest neighborhood should be a red flag, but I can’t walk away and leave her to the wolves. Not when she smells like heaven and looks at me like I’m her knight in worn flannel.

Gwendolyn Monroe
To hell with it. When my ex crosses the line, I give him exactly what he deserves. But now I’m lost and desperate without a friend in the world. The kindness of a one-armed bartender leaves me breathless and smitten. But he doesn’t want me. I’m not worth the hassle. My past will catch up with me, and he’s too pure for my world.

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Releases September 26th.

Just What I Needed

Welcome to 1985…

Cyril Stone

One minute it’s 1985, the next I’m waking up at the top of the Empire State Building thirty-seven years in the future. Everything I worked toward is gone. I’m lost in a time that’s not mine. Kate and Arthur are the only ones who can help me. But when I find their daughter bent over the hood of a ’74 Dodge Swinger, I’m a goner.

Jessica Maxwell

My father always told me this car would kill me, but I never expected it to be parked when it did. Some strange guy shows up in my garage and scares the crap out of me. The handsome interloper looks lost, and lord knows I’m a magnet for lost causes. But when my dad gives this stranger my garage, I’d rather chew my arm off than let him steal my dream away from me.