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***The Prince of Whispers Trilogy Content Forewarnings are listed under each book***

Prequel Novel to The Prince of Whispers Trilogy

Coming in November 2023

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Book 1 in The Prince of Whispers Trilogy

Available in Ebook and Print

Crispin Saville bears the title the Prince of Whispers with pride. ‘Tis known throughout the kingdom the prince serves no one but himself and indulges in every sinful pleasure imaginable. His wicked tongue and devious nature make him unfit to rule Meradin.

When his father, the king, banishes him from the castle without coin or the security of his title, Crispin must learn to make his way in the world using his wits and charm. Neither come to his aid when he finds himself at the mercy of bandits.

Ruby, the Lady of the Forest and notorious outlaw, comes to his aid but their encounter leads to a battle of wills. Crispin desires the impertinent outlaw even though she makes her hatred for him evident. But the Prince of Whispers will not be denied. He must possess this fiery jewel for his own, by force if necessary.

Contains: Morally Gray Hero, Jealous/Manipulative Hero, Questionable Menage, Dubious Consent, Light Bondage, Explicit Sex Scenes, Mature/Graphic Language

Book 2 in The Prince of Whispers Trilogy

Available in Ebook and Print

With Ruby by his side, Crispin Saville takes his place on the throne as King of Meradin. The first months of his reign are fraught with rumors of treason and deceit. Crispin and Henry, his trusted ally, search the kingdom to root out those who threaten the stability of the monarchy.

An unexpected guest shakes the foundation of Crispin’s kingdom, setting off a series of events which could destroy not only the kingdom but his hard-won bond with Ruby.

Deception runs rampant within the walls of the castle. Secrets and lies infiltrate those closest to the king. Ruby uses her influence to calm the raging tempest inside him, but his wicked heart may be stained beyond redemption. It will take more than love to save his soul and the future of Meradin.

Contains: Still Morally Gray Hero, Possessive Hero, Questionably Poor Decisions made by Secondary Characters, Dubious Consent, Explicit Sex Scenes, Mature/Graphic Language

Book 3 in The Prince of Whispers Trilogy

Available in Ebook and Print

Darkness hangs over the King of Meradin. Crispin suffers, unaware of the fate of his queen and his most loyal companion. His rage simmers beneath the surface, threatening to consume the kingdom and what little remains of his soul.

Nothing is what it seems and he can trust no one. With Ruby and Henry missing, Crispin refuses to address anything besides recovering what belongs to him. He vows the kingdom will not rest until the queen and his trusted steward are returned unharmed.

Crispin’s past actions have led him to this point, and he must face the consequences before peace can be restored to the land. True change comes from within. In order to save Ruby, he will need to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Contains: Less Morally Gray Hero, Determined Hero, Abuse/Neglect/Torture, Dubious Consent, Pregnancy Loss on Page, Main Characters go through Hell, Explicit Sex Scenes, Mature/Graphic Language

A Steamy Super Villain Romance Novella

Addison comes from a long line of villains, but her ability to manipulate fat earned her nothing but laughter and shame. Proving her power could be used for evil only lands her in hot water, and in a fit of defiance, she accidentally reveals her powers. But not just to anyone…to Ben, the one person Addison wants more than her family’s acceptance.

Ben enjoys his mundane life serving drinks at the small pub he’s owned for years as well as Addison’s company. When he discovers her powers with humorous results, he soothes her concern by imparting his own well-kept secret. Neither could have seen the disaster looming over such a revelation.

Time is running out, and both must make sacrifices to stay together…and remain alive.

A Steamy Wonderland Short Story

Chez always had an insatiable curiosity, but he never thought it would lead him to the woman he lost in the possession of the brothel owner he abhorred.

An invitation to his former employer’s monthly soiree leaves a bad taste in Chez’s mouth. The ultraviolet lights and gothic decadence hid the brothel’s true intention. When Chez sees the woman in a cage, his heart drops as his worst nightmare is realized. Topper has found and is auctioning off his long-lost, most valued treasure to the highest bidder. Only madness, desperation, and the notorious Madame Red can help him outwit a madman in a top hat.

****Warning: There is foul language in this book. It’s a brothel, not a church.****

A Steamy Wonderland Romance Novella.

Coming soon.

A Steamy Romance Time Travel Novella

The Grand Lachlan Hotel is haunted. At least that’s the rumor. Hannah works as a housekeeper for the historic hotel, but in the five years of her employment, she’s never actually seen a ghost. Until one surprises her while she’s preparing the Founder’s Suite on the day of the 120th Anniversary Masquerade Ball.

Only the ghost is definitely a man of flesh and blood, sinfully handsome and charming as hell. One who claims to be Lucian Lachlan, the hotel’s architect and founder.

Hannah doesn’t believe it for a second. But she can’t just let a man who has been dead for decades roam the hotel acting like he owns it. A few hours alone with this handsome stranger couldn’t possibly change her life. Could it?