A Special Holiday Deal!

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Katherine Cohen
This year sucks. I lost my job, my boyfriend, and now my mom. The worst year of my life is about to end, and I don’t hold much hope for the future. Dad would know what to do. I escape to the one place where I feel connected to him, the top of the Empire State Building. Instead, I find a star-spattered void and a gaping hole in my chest. But the universe isn’t finished with me yet.
When I wake up in 1985, I must be dreaming or dead. The most pressing issue stands at six foot two and looks like he stepped out of my fantasies. Unfortunately, he’s my father’s boss.

Arthur Maxwell
Assault and kidnapping were not how I envisioned starting the new year. I came into work to get some papers and ended up accidentally knocking a stranger unconscious. Who the hell is this woman and why is she snooping around my office in the first place? Too bad she doesn’t remember anything besides her first name.
Between her strange comments, odd requests, and unsettling questions, something doesn’t add up. She’s not telling me the whole truth. But, as time wears on, I realize it’s useless to deny the attraction simmering between us, even if she insists we were never meant to be.

Spoilers Without Context:

Happy New YEAR!

As we usher in 2014, I want to thank everyone for their support and kind words.  2013 was an exciting year.  I am excited to see what the next one has in store for me.

I will be spending New Years Eve with my husband at home.  No exciting parties or venturing out into the snow.  But one particular tradition I will be partaking in is the kiss at midnight.  You know me, I’m a sucker for kisses.  So, in honor of my obsession and to usher in the new year, I will leave you all with a video clip of my favorite holiday kiss.


I hope you all have a happy and prosperous new year.  *toasts to you*  Cheers, my friends.  Let’s go out with a bang.