New Year, New Challenges, New Steamy Reads!

Hello, darlings. Welcome to 2023, where the stakes are made up and the points don't matter. Seriously though, I'm glad you're here. 2022 was a rough year on my family, and with so many changes in our lives, I feel like 2023 is about to serve us some uphill battles. Am I ready for that? … Continue reading New Year, New Challenges, New Steamy Reads!

Christmas Giveaway!

This year I'm hosting a Christmas Giveaway. Just like the last giveaway, I'll have two separate categories. One for International Readers and one for US Residents! Please enter the correct category. No entrants under 18 years of age, please. Rafflecopter links as buttons below the giveaway images. Good luck and thank you for all your … Continue reading Christmas Giveaway!

A Grateful Heart

This year I'm reminded how grateful I am to have such a loving and supportive romance community. Over the past year, I've made some wonderful connections both with fellow authors and voracious, delightful readers. Each and every one of you have made my journey a memorable one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. … Continue reading A Grateful Heart

Shifting Gears and Finding My Voice

I have been MIA for the past two weeks, and for that, I apologize. If you aren't aware, I am married to a military man. Which means, our lives revolve around his career. I embrace the life of a military spouse proudly. But the uncertainty that comes with it can be nerve-wracking on the best … Continue reading Shifting Gears and Finding My Voice

Confession of an Aspiring Romance Author

Time for a little confession. Okay, a big confession. I'm not always motivated to write. In fact, some days I'm downright discouraged. Being a self-published author is wonderful because I get complete creative control. The downside is...well, I feel like I'm standing in a crowd of thousands and my voice is being drowned out. I … Continue reading Confession of an Aspiring Romance Author

Romance Survival 101: Ignoring the Hate When You’re All About the Love

Being a lover of the romance genre doesn’t come without it’s pitfalls. Unfortunately, I happen to be an author and a reader of romance, so I end up getting whammied from both sides. I can’t speak for everyone, in fact, I can truly only speak for myself. But I am tired of the romance genre … Continue reading Romance Survival 101: Ignoring the Hate When You’re All About the Love

Every Author Needs a Reader

The first week of January. It seems like the BEST time to renovate. Right? New year means new me. I hope I’m not digging my own grave here by posting my intentions for the year. You’ll hold me to it, right? Not exactly new year's resolution material, but I’m definitely gearing up for a new … Continue reading Every Author Needs a Reader