A Novel Idea

Have you ever picked up a new book and been so enthralled with the story that when you finished you ran out and found all the other books in print by that same author?  I have, several times, and my husband has threatened to ban me from all bookstores because of it.  Now I have entire collections of works by both Julia Quinn and Teresa Medeiros, and I lie in anticipation of their next novels conscious of my husbands shaking head.

When I first entered the wonderful world of romance novels, I became immediately overwhelmed by the vast number of authors in the genre.  To help me wade through the masses, I enlisted an index card for every author I read or intended to read.  At some point I had every intention of making note on those index cards all of that author’s works.  In my mind, it was a wonderful idea.  I would never be at a loss for a book recommendation.  But I never got to it.  The cards rest carefully nestled in their little box waiting.  Will I ever find the time?

My idea seemed brilliant when I started writing down every name, then alphabetizing the cards.  I still like the idea.  But to be perfectly honest I’d rather spend that time actually reading.  The conundrum is that my reason for making the cards was so I would be able to enjoy every book.  When I find an author that can make me feel like I’m watching a play in real time, I know I can always rely on them to do it again.  The story may change, but their voice remains the same.  So I gather them together in order to be able to savor every last one.

As both a reader and an aspiring writer, I can fully appreciate a well written, engaging, and moving piece of literature.  My little box of authors is my way of keeping a connection between myself and the authors of the books I love.  I may be strange, a bit compulsive, or even obsessed, but I do it because I never want to miss a single story from these amazing writers.

2 thoughts on “A Novel Idea

  1. Oh, how I curse the day each time Margaret Atwood comes out with a new novel. I literally sit in absolute anticipation until the latest is released. Joe has threatened me as well, mainly because I bought a HUGE bookcase, and it is already completely full. One whole shelf dedicated to Ms. Atwood.
    Cannot wait to read more about your Romance infatuation. It makes me feel not so bad about being obsessed with horror 🙂

  2. My mom has always been an avid romance reader. When she uses the library, she always takes her list with her to make sure she hasn’t already read the books she picks out. She too has favorites–Kathleen Woodiwiss, Jennifer Wilde, Johanna Lindsey, Connie Mason–and gobbled up all their backlist.

    Finding a new author to love is always a joy. Finding out she’s prolific is priceless!

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