Happy Book Birthday: Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel

This month marks the first book birthday of my fairy tale/fantasy romance, Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel. The idea for this story haunted me for years. I was fortunate enough to have some wonderful friends help me flesh out the characters and the plot for this book.

I stumbled over the concept for the longest time because I wasn’t sure how to adequately tell the story since it contained three romances and three strong heroines. In the end, I focused on the three female perspectives since it was their story to tell. Leaving the male perspective out of the story hurt my heart since I enjoy writing from the hero’s perspective, but this time I think it lent to the mystery and intrigue of the plot as it unfolded.

What I never intended was for this book to spark an idea for another story. But when I wrote the ending of this story, it seemed only fitting that I give the queen a shot at redemption. No spoilers if you haven’t read Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel, but I couldn’t let her story languish into nothing.

So, in December, I’ll be releasing The Huntsman’s Revenge. Details on the story and pre-order links will be revealed closer to release day. Suffice it to say, there will be more history, intrigue, betrayal, and romance. While this story will not focus on Scarlett, Bianca, and Rose or their mates, they will make appearances in the book. I promise.

As a treat for the birthday celebration of Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel, I want to share the lovely art I had commissioned from Anastasia found at @stacia.ches.art on Instagram. Her links are here at linktr.ee/Stacia.Reveries. She’s so talented. Her style focuses on more fantasy. It was an honor to have her create the art for my characters. I even took the art she did and created a special cover for Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel. Check it out below.

Aren’t these pictures lovely? I adore them. She did such an amazing job.

If you haven’t read the book, let me explain. Caleb, Emmett, and Nicholas are brothers, huntsmen, and part of the animus, who possess the ability to transform into an animal. Now, I’m not going to spoil anything by telling you this, but each brother has a different animus form, one they chose when they turned eighteen. If you want to know more, you’ll have to read the book. Part of the fun is uncovering the identities of each brother. *wink*

Bianca and Rose are sisters, borrowed from the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red. Scarlett is their cousin, my version of Little Red Riding Hood. That should give you a few clues as to the identities of their mates, but it’s still fun to watch them uncover the truth as the story progresses.

You can pick up a copy of Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel here:

If you’re a fan of maps, I’ve included this book’s map below. One of my lovely author friends on Twitter made it for me. I’ll have her draw up a new one for the next book too.

What do you think? I love having art made for my characters. And the best part of writing fantasy is creating the world and putting it on a map. Make sure you check in this summer for updates on The Huntsman’s Revenge.

Happy Birthday, Curse of the Huntsman’s Jewel.


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