Sexy Motivational Memes

I’m a meme kind of gal if you haven’t already noticed. I love funny, relevant memes. But even more than that, I love inspirational, sexy memes. I also love casting actors as inspiration for my heroes before I start writing. Typically, I post a gif of the actor (in a role resembling the MMC in my story) along with my daily word count updates. They keep me focused and provide a little dopamine reward.

Today, I’m sharing a few of the motivational memes I’ve created over the past few weeks. I typically post them to my social media accounts on Saturdays, but sometimes it’s nice to have them all in one place to enjoy in one delicious overdose of sexiness.

Every week there’s a new meme with a new actor. Who should join their ranks? Add your suggestions in the comments. Enjoy the inspiration, writers. xoxo

And a little bonus meme because I’ve used actors as inspiration for so many of my books, this would probably be their reaction to finding out…


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