Read n’ Sip Recommendations: PART 2

Hello, darlings. Welcome back to Read n’ Sip Recommendations with Kirsten. This week, I’m back with Part 2 of my Cocktail/Book Pairings.

Recently, I picked up a part-time job waitressing at a delightful little cocktail lounge in Cheyenne. If you ever come that way, you should stop by and check it out. The Paramount is an old theater converted into a coffee shop/cocktail lounge. They offer a fantastic selection of handcrafted cocktails with unique names based on plays that were once performed in the theater. My personal favorite is The Bohemian Girl. Definitely worth a visit if you’re passing through.

My time at the Paramount has given me a new appreciation for the selection of a cocktail for personal enjoyment. It also inspired my desire to pair each of my books with a classic cocktail. The Spruce Eats blog has some AMAZING recipes and suggestions for making these delicious concoctions. I’ve linked each drink recommendation to the recipe on their site.

I’ll be writing a series of these posts. Including all my books under both pen names, there will be 5 posts in total. I’ll scatter them over the course of a year. There will be some fun ones for Christmas, I promise!

While I joke that these are Cocktails to enjoy with your Cock Tales, my books aren’t as erotic as that implies. It was just too good of a pun to pass up. However, my books are on the spicy side. If that’s your thing, then please dive in, but remember to read and sip responsibly. Both the books and the drinks should be enjoyed only by those of the appropriate age.

Now, I did my best to match up the books with a delicious drink that encompassed the book’s vibe. Let’s dive in with some more cocktail/book pairings, shall we?

My second book, A Shadow’s Kiss, is best enjoyed with a strong, no-frills Scotch cocktail. The Rusty Nail fits the bill perfectly since Madeline is Scots and the book takes place in the Highlands. It’s classic, straightforward, and best taken in small doses or it’ll overpower you, much like Alexander. This sophisticated cocktail packs a punch, so savor it slowly. The Spruce Eats Blog provides a delightful post outlining the basics of how to make this classic cocktail. Click HERE for the link.

A Holiday Love Affair was my second contemporary rom-com, and it was unplanned. The moment I finished writing A Lockdown Love Affair, I knew I had to write Evan and Lucy’s story. Their personalities were just so potent. The potential would lead to bad decisions and sparkling sexual tension. A Tequila Sunrise encapsulates their romance perfectly. Lucy is the tequila, strong and intoxicating. Evan is the sweetness that offsets the bite of the tequila. Mix them together in the right balance, and you get a fantastic marriage of flavors. But it also shows the flux in their relationship over the course of the book. He’s the sunshine to her grump. The sunrise to her sunset. It’s the perfect summer holiday drink (and book) to quench your thirst. *Chef’s kiss* Click HERE for the recipe.

Seduction Most Wicked is the second book in the Prince of Whispers Trilogy. While it continues the story of Ruby and Crispin’s romance, it adds a lot of complications as they work toward redemption. It’s hard and ugly. But while intense conflict drives this book, there’s a thread of hope. Enjoy it with a Spicy Paloma. One wouldn’t think these flavors would work together, but they do. The bitter bite of the Aperol and grapefruit mingled with the heat of Thai chile and the kick of tequila make for a complex adventure. There’s a lot to unpack in both the drink and the book, which is why I think they make the perfect partners. Click HERE for the recipe.

Steampunk has its own rules when it comes to world-building, and I adored the challenge it provided. Something most people don’t realize is that Christopher and Adele found their beginning in a very different manner. A short story with a much darker vibe. As I expanded their story, it took on a new form. One I adore. It has a distinctly late-Victorian vibe with sprinklings of steampunk. Simple and sweet with the kick of gin, The Bee’s Knees makes for the perfect sipping drink while enjoying Deceiving the Earl. Here’s the Recipe.

Stepping back into 1985 once more with Can’t Fight This Feeling? Then I highly recommend grabbing a Manhattan to slake your thirst while you enjoy Marcy and Rob’s story. Manhattan drinkers agree, sometimes you have to try different combinations before you find that perfect blend. Rob is her brother’s best friend, and Marcy’s painful past relationships have made it hard to find love. There’s a power play between these two in their refusal to admit their feelings for each other. Will they ever find that sweet spot? Oh, and the book takes place in Manhattan, so bonus points for that connection. Click HERE for the recipe.

While Seduction on the Alpine Express is set during the turn of the 19th century, the amaretto sour I’ve selected to pair it with comes from a much different era…the 1970s. However, they go together quite well. When you sit to enjoy Anson and Matilda’s story, you’ll want something simple and unique to balance out the tension pushing and pulling these two. Forced proximity, age gap, and questionable activities on a train in the Alps. This tasty cocktail doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the book certainly does. Try some of the simple additions like a splash of bourbon to kick up the complexity. Then sit back and enjoy your ride on the Alpine Express. Check out the recipe HERE.

Confessions of a Gamer Girl is another book I never thought I’d write. Meeting Lily and Maggie in Confessions of a Fangirl led me down that inevitable road. The secondary characters always end up with their own stories. I’ve just learned to accept that. Gavin and Maggie clash in the first book, and from that first encounter, I knew they were made for each other. When they are forced to team up, it’s like a goddamn hurricane of sexual tension and competition. Just add rum and passion fruit for a full immersion experience. Side bonus of Evan and Ben from A Holiday Love Affair and A Lockdown Love Affair being Maggie’s bosses and adding fuel to the fire. Hurricane Maggie coming through! Click HERE for the classic recipe.

I hope you enjoyed part two of my cocktail pairing post. Keep an eye out for Part 3 later this year.

Until then, sip responsibly while you read. Enjoy! xoxo



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